Past Events

Past Events

Advancing the Nanotechnology Industry in South Africa

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the upcoming Nanotechnology focused webinar titled “Advancing the Nanotechnology Industry in South Africa”. The webinar is sponsored by SabiNano supported by South Africa Nanotechnology Initiative (SANi) and will be hosted by TK Global Expert. The webinar aims to convene and connect Nanotechnology and procurement professionals in South Africa to present and…

Advancing Nanotechnology in South Africa Application of Carbon Nanomaterials and Graphene

We are pleased to be hosting the 2nd Advancing Nanotechnology in South Africa webinar hosted by SabiNano. The objective of the webinar is to present and discuss applications of nanotechnology materials, carbon nanomaterials and graphene in the manufacturing of various products. Applications of carbon nanotubes and graphene Carbon nanotubes, graphene and related materials possess unique physical, chemical, thermal, and electronic…

NanoAfrica Conference 2022

SabiNano will be exhibiting at the NanoAfrica Conference 2022 on the 26 -29th October 2022 at The Lord Charles Hotel, Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa

Sponsorship and Exhibition at the 11th Annual Nanosciences Young Researcher’s Symposium (NYRS-2023), Nelson Mandela University, 7 September 2023.

SabiNano was proud to sponsor the 11th annual NYRS-2023 symposium for best masters and doctoral oral presentations. This NYRS is a one-day event that brings together young nanotechnology researchers to share nanoscience and nanotechnology knowledge and research findings in the form of postgraduate student presentations. The was organized by the Department of Chemistry, Nelson Mandela University and supported by the…