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Chemical Technology / Speciality Chemicals We supply a wide range of speciality chemical products (solutions and powders) with desired sizes, as well as chemical and physical properties for a wide range of industrial applications (e.g. agriculture, energy, water and wastewater, mining, coatings, building and construction, advanced materials, biotechnology, nanotechnology). Contact us to know more about our product offerings. We pride…
Masterwave BTR Kilolab Microwave The Masterwave BTR Kilolab microwave is AVAILABLE for booking in our laboratories. SabiNano (Pty) Ltd is one of the few companies in South Africa that owns the all-new Masterwave BTR benchtop reactor. The reactor, for the first time is transferring the microwave synthesis to the kilolab. Lab productivity of up to kilogram amounts per day is…

Nanotechnology is a fast-growing field in research and industry with more applications discovered daily in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). It presents an opportunity to solve complex problems such as those associated with the water-energy-food nexus. SabiNano’s R&I division focuses on developing innovative carbon nanomaterial-based technologies for energy, environmental and other applications including advanced nano-enhanced materials for various applications including building and construction, polymers, separation/filtration, adsorption, energy-storage, coatings, automotive/transport industries, electronics, etc.

We supply high technology equipment for research laboratories, institutes, nanotechnology, and biotechnology companies. Our three roll mills can serve various purposes such as homogenizing, venting or grinding nano and microparticle dispersions. It is an ideal tool for mixing electronic thick film inks, high performance ceramics, cosmetics, paints, printing inks, adhesives, epoxy, sealants, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dental cosmetics, carbon/ graphite, foods and many other viscous materials.

We supply the most environmentally friendly, profit-friendly technology for water/wastewater treatment and other industrial applications. If you are a small or large company/organization that purifies drinking or wastewater, or a mining company that is unable to purify it wastewater to acceptable standards, then you need to contact us. Our technology is the ideal choice because of its high efficiency and economic value. It is biodegradable, simple to apply, and has flexible properties. We have local and international partners that have vast experience in water treatment technology and compliance to international

Besides carbon nanotubes and graphene, we supply a wide range of nanoparticles for research and commercial projects. These include nanocellulose, single metal oxide nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles, element and alloy nanoparticles, multielement oxide nanoparticles, rare earth materials etc. A complete list can be found on our e-commerce website (

SabiNano has a dedicated inhouse team and strategic partners for design, R&D and production of nano materials with advanced material technologies and conducting studies on new generation products. These products are, but not limited to, carbon nanotubes and graphene for academic research and commercial projects. Graphene and graphene oxide have a wide range of applications across many industrial sectors including modern 4th industrial revolution (4IR) technologies. We have partnered with one of the largest graphene mass production facilities in the world, with an annual graphene production capacity of 100 tons. Our goal is to reach this production scale in SA to enable many of the 4IR in which graphene finds its applications. Our high-quality graphene products are already applied in anticorrosion and light-weight composite materials.

SabiNano manufactures and supplies high-quality carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on a commercial scale. Our multiwalled carbon nanotubes (SabinanoTubesTM) have purities ranging between 90% (industrial grade) and >98% (research-grade) depending on customer needs and the end-use of the materials. Our unique CNT production process entails using a novel, environmentally friendly and economically viable process in a specially designed reactor. We supply in various quantities from grams to kilograms