Lymcoin Specifics

Lymcoin Specifics


Our mission is to be a leading producer and supplier of high-quality carbon nanomaterials (e.g. carbon nanotubes and graphene), related materials, and nanotechnology services in Africa and other parts of the
world, providing excellent customer service at an economical price to improve the lives of all people.


Honesty, integrity and compliance to regulations are our leading principles. Operation excellence, implementation of quality controls, and lean management practices are our in-house precedence to assure product consistency and customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to create new wealth through the manufacturing and supply of high-quality carbon-based nanomaterials and related goods, technologies and services in Africa and beyond, creating thousands of
sustainable employment opportunities.


•High quality, consistent properties, performance and supply.
• Scalable production to meet demand.
• Dispersible in a wide range of solvents.
• High aspect ratios, surface area and mechanical properties.
• Delivery within 24 hours for smaller orders locally. • Customer tailor-made materials.